Meet Palantir

Palantir’s team is made up of experienced software developers, online strategists, and design experts with years of experience building sophisticated websites and software applications.

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What are we all about?

At Palantir, we’re not rock stars, monkeys, ninjas, or Jedi (even though we like all of those things). Think of us like an orchestra made up of virtuosos who sound kick-ass playing together in perfect harmony. For us, it's all about the team and what we can accomplish in collaboration with each other, our clients, and our partners.

As a company that specializes in open source solutions, we’re deeply invested in the health and success of the software that we use and the community that surrounds it. Several of our team members are among the top contributors to the Drupal project, and Palantir is also deeply involved in supporting the Drupal Association, as well as organizing and sponsoring events such as DrupalCon.

Drupal Association Premium Supporting Partner

The values of interconnectedness, freedom, and openness drive all of the work we do, and we're thoughtful about the impact our decisions have on our projects, our team, and the environment. It's all part of Palantir’s commitment to sustainability and making the Web a better place for all.