Greg Leroux

Senior Front-End Developer

Greg has a BA in Computer Graphics Technology from Purdue University, where he worked as the online editor and Web developer for one of the university’s independent student newspapers. Greg provides front-end development and integration services.

What do you do outside of Palantir?

Outside of work I love to be outdoors. Get me on a bike, on a beach, on a boat, on a patio with my family and friends, or even just mowing my lawn and I am a happy person. I also love to cook, but I’d love it if I could cook much better then I currently do. And I have an unhealthy obsession October through June (hopefully) with a certain hockey team in town.

If you had your own spaceship, where would you take it?

What do you mean if? I’m pretty sure that cardboard spaceship I made as a kid would hold up during re-entry.

Three things you’d want on a desert island

A hammock, beer and an endless supply of books

Voted “most likely to”…

Make a photoshop factoid of you

What are your top three video games ever?

Blades of steel, Super Mario Brothers 3, NHL 10 - Only because it has the Hawks roster that won the Cup.

Google+, Facebook, MySpace, or Friendster?

I prefer to communicate through smoke signals.

iOS or Android?