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2017 Annual Report

2017 was a year of growth and collaboration for Palantir, fueled by passionate clients, thoughtful Palantiri, and coffee. Here’s a look at how our year rounded out.

2017 Annual Report

map of Palantiri: 1 new office opened, across the nation, in 15 states plus DC

10 New employees hired: Kate, Lori, Russ, Michael, Jose, Sarah, Lesley, Kaitlen, Byron and Adrian

Google docs statistics: 20, 956 files added to drive, 10,998 video hangouts (with the highest on november 10th with 68, and 781,556 email sent

17 Projects started and completed, 14 sites launched

Average Karma/Month = 400: “Plus Plus or ++” is a symbol ingrained into the culture of Palantir. It serves as a frequently invoked expression of approval and appreciation. It can mean, “you rock,” “mad props,” “nice move,” “you’re the best,” “yay,” and of course, “thank you.”

29 Palantini's (kids): They may not all be babies anymore, but they once were...Also, there were 24,500 cups of coffee consumed (with a very inaccurate math equation-smiley face)

54 pets: 13 dogs, 1 hamster, 23 cats, 17 fish

36,216 Slack average slack messages/month

Github stats: 132 Collaborators, 175 Repositories; 3,185 hours of listening to podcasts

marketing metrics: 33 blog posts written, 669 tweets sent, 9 conferences attended, the most compelling conference carpet winner

39,200 hours of music listened to by Palantiri

It was a productive 2017. We're looking forward to keeping it going in 2018!


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