Change is the Essential Process of all Existence.

by Sally Stegeman Faust

The last few months, has been actively implementing a series of strategic initiatives—from communication to thought leadership to workplace and facilities. Along those lines, today we announce recent strategic hires … which should give insight into our intent for 2013 and beyond: Our focus is to be more visible and to actively lead and engage in conversations about how to make good on the Web.

Without further ado, and from the most unforgivably belated to the most recent, we ask you to join us in welcoming Senior Engineer and Technical Lead Sean Buscay; Customer Service Specialist Chris Libby; Developer Beth Binkovitz; Creative Director Nancy Essex; Office Manager Susan Golland; and Visibility, Learning and Growth Lead Sally Stegeman Faust.

Palantir has much to learn from former agency wizard Sean Buscay, who joins us to proudly serve as a Senior Engineer and Technical Lead. Sean’s depth of end-to-end-and-back-again experience with all things e(fill in the blank), marketing, process, strategy, and a litany of other buzzword-worthy Web-oriented skills (this is no exaggeration) is an enormous asset to our business, projects, clients and teams. We’re still figuring out what to do with his recognition from the National Honor Society in Psychology. Want to get all intellectual with him? Tell him so.

Taking our concentration on responsiveness to another level, we’ve also secured an ace Customer Service Specialist. Introducing Chris Libby, a customer service lead who rocks. (No, he really does. Like, in bands. Plural. ... He’s really big in France.) Chris manages all things quality, training, support, documentation and—you guessed it—hair. Chris has leveraged his experience with multinational media company Morris Communications to persuade us into creating a special rock/support hybrid position specially for him. As you might expect, Chris takes requests. Send him one.

We’ve also expanded our line-up of developers-with-deliciously-odd-talents in the addition of Developer Beth Binkovitz, who seems to have gladly escaped the Buckeye State to join us in the luxe Land of Lincoln. Yet another underachiever here, Beth can sprechen a mad dose of Deutsch whilst cloning single-cell organisms on her bike (okay, maybe not on her bike). Beth can also sprechen Drupal with the best of them … and by “them,” we mean Larry Garfield. Say hello to Beth in German.

The glue who holds us all together, our own cat wrangler and silver lining, is Office Manager Susan Golland. Susan comes to us from the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum where she worked as an exhibit developer. The aftertaste of this experience was a strong aversion to the application of vinyl lettering ... so it’s no wonder she landed a job at a Web-oriented firm. Her other experience managing logistics-y things has served her (and us) well during (spoiler alert) move planning. However, Susan will likely be due for some meditation as a result. Ah! A use for Nancy’s skills! Tickle Susan’s inbox.

Nancy Essex is a widely recognized and seasoned Creative Director with vast professional credentials we intend to exploit. (Ways to exploit her yoga credentials have yet to be determined.) Nancy leads our design and user experience practices and comes to us from internationally recognized design firm Essex Two where she led large- and small-scale branding and visual communication programs for clients of myriad sizes and flavors. Nancy also has extensive design advocacy and non-profit experience through her involvement on the boards of the AIGA, the professional association for design, and Evan’s Life Foundation, among others. Nancy has spearheaded many collaborative creative ventures which she’d be happy to tell you about when you come for our as-yet-unscheduled open house in the very near future. Please, give Nancy a howdy-do.

The last recent addition is Visibility, Learning and Growth Lead Sally Stegeman Faust, who, not so coincidentally, comes to us from another, but far less civilized, Chicago-area design firm, Faust, where she was co-principal responsible for communication, marketing, business development and business management. Starting with this communication right here, Sally is either angling for a raise or ensuring her exit. You can naturally expect to be hearing a lot more from us … and probably to a fault as Sally's job depends on it. If you hate our email communications, she’s to blame. Email complaints (or compliments!) to her directly.

We look forward to sharing many more debatably exciting new developments in the very near future.