Join Palantir at DrupalCon Portland

by Sally Stegeman Faust

Next week, a gaggle of Palantiri, and more than 3,000 of our closest friends, will descend upon Portland for DrupalCon, an international conference that brings together a worldwide community of enthusiasts, users, developers, designers, fanatics, and many others who in myriad ways support and play nice with the Drupal open-source content management framework.

This year, we're proud to announce that we are supporting the conference in a big way. As Platinum sponsors of the conference (and Supporting Partners of Drupal Association), Palantir builds on our commitment to actively contribute to the Drupal community by educating those who work with Drupal from beginner to advanced, evangelizing audiences for whom Drupal would provide the best content management solution, and helping to support major strategic community initiatives like Drupal 8.

Palantir's Portable Portland Pocket Planner

In addition to sending a contingent of Palantiri who will be holding court at our booth and speaking at sessions, we are also sponsoring some special guest attendees. If you're going to DrupalCon, make sure to stop by Booth 333 to say, "Hi," and pick up a little something we made for your downtime in Portland: Palantir's Portable Portland Pocket Planner. And, should you hit any of our suggested destinations, it would be cool if you could Tweet about it using #PalantirPDX.

Who's Going

Palantir is sending a great mix of people to DrupalCon Portland including folks new and old to Palantir and big enough to form a decent a kick line: Robin Barre, Beth Binkovitz, George DeMet, Nancy Essex, Larry Garfield, Steve Persch, Dave Reid, Ken Rickard, John Albin Wilkins, and Rodney. Any one of us would enjoy learning about what's on your mind as we inch toward Drupal 8.

Who's Speaking

Check out the below sessions at which folks from Palantir will be presenting or speaking, and make sure to share your feedback or continue to the conversation with us at our booth.

Larry Garfield answers the question which plagues us: "Is Drupal a CMS?" on Tuesday from 2pm-3pm.

Steve Persch and Commerce Guys' Pedro Cambra take a different approach to plugins with, "Plugin Haikus" on Tuesday from 3:15pm-4:15pm.

The Palantir team gathers at the Day Stage to deliver the goods on the next version of Drupal with, "Drupal 8: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" on Tuesday from 3:15pm-4:15pm.

Dave Reid talks Drupal 8's file management initiative with, "Throw New\Drupal\Core\Initiative\Filemanagement\Failureexception();," part of Core Conversations on Tuesday from 4:30pm-5pm.

John Albin Wilkins will participate in the "Using Twig: The New Template Engine in D8" roundtable on Wednesday from 3:45pm-4:45pm.

John follows that up with the lip-smacking, "Making D8 Mobilicious" on Wednesday from 5pm-6pm.

Larry Garfield, Sam Boyer and Rob Loach talk integration with, "Composer: There's a Module (or Library) for That"
on Wednesday from 5pm-6pm.

Larry Garfield and John Albin Wilkins will join others at the "Dries & Company Q&A" Core Conversations panel on Thursday from 2:15pm-3:15pm.

Larry Garfield is also speaking at the Symfony Live! conference running concurrent with DrupalCon, where he talks, "Modernizing Drupal with Symfony2" on Thursday from 1pm-2pm.

Building Bridges, Connecting Communities

Inspired by the theme of this year's DrupalCon—Building Bridges, Connecting Communities—Palantir held a DrupalCon Pass Giveaway, offering free conference passes to applicants with an active interest in Drupal but for whom cost was a barrier to attending this year. After receiving dozens of entries, the below deserving winners were selected. Keep an eye out for them at the conference (we're hoping to engage them in our Day Stage session), and share whatever important bits of wisdom you have. (Actually, you might learn a thing or two from them.) Whatever you do, don’t scare them.

Minneapolis' Tess Flynn (socketwench) would like to participate in sprints and is also interested in professional development; Portland's Dalene Bloom (sunslant) wants to gather knowledge to build her first Drupal site; Portland's Ingrid Choy-Harris (quartz45) is interested in mentorship, networking and inspiration; Cleveland's James R. Stone (fndtn357) wants to connect with folks at Commerce Guys and Pantheon; New York's Carl Wiedemann (c4rl) just wants to continue to give every drop of blood he has to Drupal; Reno's Andy Guzman (andyguzman) recently crossed Dries' "I kick ass" threshold and wants to kick more of it; Vancouver's Colin Stone (scolin22) wants to beef up his engineering studies at University of British Columbia; and from Jalisco, Mexico comes engineer Elias De la Torre Aceves (eliasdelatorre) who wants to continue to support the Drupal initiative and strengthen its presence in Latin America.

Related to our pass giveaway, Palantir also donated at pass to Italian Vincenzo Rubano who successfully ran an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds which would allow him to not only attend DrupalCon but also take his first solo trip outside of Italy. Vincenzo has an inspirational story and we’re very excited to have the opportunity meet him in Portland.

All of us at Palantir look forward to seeing our friends, clients and associates at DrupalCon. Reply to this email if you want to try and get together while there, and use #PalantirPDX for tweets about our people, sessions, or if you go to any of the destinations offered up in our Portable Portland Planner!