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Meet Us in the Middle

What we were up to at MidCamp in 2015.

Illustration of Palantir logo + Midcamp logo = heart

MidCamp is the Midwest's premier DrupalCamp, where developers, designers, strategists, UX professionals, project managers, and many others gather to share ideas on a variety of topics and technologies. We're excited about the camp for a lot of reasons: our CEO Tiffany Farriss has been asked to give the keynote, members of our team are leading a variety of sessions and providing training, and, of course, simply the opportunity to be in attendance.

Community is the key here. Local community. Technology is grand when it works, but the IRL connections you make with your peers trumps anything on an IRC channel or Google Hangout, so we're giddy with excitement to be social and geek out about the things we love. These kinds of conversations advance things for all of us professionally and personally.

As you might suspect, we're up to a lot of things at MidCamp (not to mention helping on an organizational level). In particular, we are absolutely committed both to the Drupal community at large, and on a local level so we've proudly sponsored the camp at a Gold Level this year.

What else? Plenty! We've outlined everything in a handy list for you:

Economics of Drupal Contribution

Palantir CEO Tiffany Farriss is keynoting the camp with this talk where she will explore how other open source communities provide a strategic framework to their communities and how the Drupal Association could provide structural support to balance the needs of contributors and a successful project.

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive Your Project!

Palantir founder and CEO George DeMet presents a non-technical talk—inspired by values frequently explored in children's literature—on how building successful Web solutions for other people requires discipline, understanding, and empathy. He'll cover topics that include managing stakeholders, positive negotiation techniques, and keeping budget, timeline, and scope on track.

On PhpSpec and Not-the-Drupal-Way: follow the black kitten through the Looking Glass

Engineer Michelle Krejci demos PhpSpec and shows how this tool can help you write better code and modernize your developer skills.

Off with Drupal's Head!

Web Designer Ashley Cyborski and Lead Engineer Steve Persch are part of a panel called Off with Drupal's Head! where they'll discuss a variety of techniques used to implement a “headless Drupal." 

Rendering HTML with Drupal: Past, Present and Future

Steve Persch is also presenting on the mental models used in Drupal theming in recent history and in the future with Rendering HTML with Drupal: Past, Present, and Future.

From Zero to Silex

Larry "Crell" Garfield explores Silex and explains what exactly this ready-made request/response pipeline is (and isn't). A small but functional application file will even be built during the session!


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