Palantir Joins Bluemarine Synergistics!

by George DeMet

As some of you may have already heard, a number of leading Drupal companies are coming together to create Bluemarine Synergistics, the single one-stop shop for all things Drupal. Today, is proud to announce that we are also joining the Bluemarine Synergistics juggernaut.

Like Voltron, this new entity will combine each formerly independent company in the Drupal ecosystem into a single giant robot warrior that will defend against proprietary software vendors seeking to destroy open source alternatives. With our combined strengths, we can end this destructive conflict and bring order to the Web content management marketplace.

Bluemarine Synergistics logo

Specifically, Palantir’s experience deploying Drupal for the Enterprise and our open source retail store presence makes us a great complement to the Bluemarine Synergistics team.

Bluemarine Synergistics takes its name from the cutting-edge Drupal theme that helped inspire legions of Web design professionals. We think this name is appropriate, because as the team that includes one of the maintainers of the Bluemarine theme for Drupal 7, Palantir has always been committed to promoting ongoing innovation within the Drupal project.

Bluemarine Synergistics will bring new efficiencies to the Drupal ecosystem as well. As Tiffany explains, “I used to worry that Palantir didn’t have a number in its name, like Node One, Phase2, Chapter Three, and Four Kitchens. Now that we’re all on the same team, I don’t have to think about any numbers any more!”

Personally, I’m most excited about the opportunities that will be presented by becoming part of a large multinational conglomerate. Palantir long been known as a senior-level boutique firm that prides quality over quantity and provides personalized customer service. By joining forces with Bluemarine Synergistics, we’re now able to turn that formula on its head.

For more information, please visit, which is best viewed in Netscape Communicator 4.7 or Internet Explorer 5.

And be sure to tell your friends about Bluemarine Synergistics on social media sites like MySpace, Orkut, and Friendster using the hashtag #bs4drupal. We want everyone to help us spread B.S. all over the Internet!

And yes, in case it wasn't clear, this was a massive April Fool's joke. While we're good friends with the other Drupal shops who all participated with us in this stunt, we're still an independent company and we're not looking to change that anytime soon!


What a relief that table-based layout is coming back! Visionary. Where can I get a B.S. Tshirt? I would wear it every day.