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Close Menu's Guide to Logos and File Types

When selecting or creating an image for the web, it is important to have a variety of file types to choose from for different use cases.

Different versions of star logo in grid with text "awesome brand!"

As web designers, we like to design in the browser whenever possible. However, there are times when we need to implement graphics that typically come from our clients. Mostly these are logos, but they may also be illustrations, icons, or other pieces of branding collateral.

As a client, you may already possess a library of graphics, or you may be in the process of having those developed. Either way, it’s important for you to understand the most common file types and how each can contribute to your branding arsenal. It is also crucial to understand the ways your graphics can be adjusted for a variety of use scenarios. 

We’ve compiled the following guide to help you decide what type of files you should use and in what scenarios.'s Guide to Logos and File Types

Download the guide here.

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