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The Return of ++ Day

An opportunity to recognize and celebrate the ways that those around us help make things a little bit better every day

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Four years ago, we celebrated the first ever ++ Day, a holiday that we created to recognize and celebrate the people who have helped make a positive difference in our lives. 

Giving others positive recognition is a value that’s woven deep into our culture at Palantir. After a couple of challenging years for so many of us, we thought there was no better time to bring the holiday back and provide positive karma back into  the universe - and what better date to do so than 2/2/22? 

For us, “++” is not just about showing appreciation. It is about recognizing those who are helping make things better. We envision this day as an opportunity to reach out to our clients, friends, and partners to celebrate their contributions toward making a positive difference for us at and for the communities they support. 

We invite you to help us make the internet a better place. So reach out! Share an unsolicited note of recognition! Applaud those who you know have made things better for others! 

If enough of us choose to use the internet to spread positivity, we can rebuild vital human connection and a sense of community that’s been fractured in so many ways over the last few years. 

Plus (plus) - it won’t hurt to try. We hope you will join us.

Happy ++ Day!

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