Share Your Dreams

by Sally Stegeman Faust

At their essence, dreams are an abstraction. But dreams—and hope—are also at the origin of all social and political movements. These movements foster change and progress, which are tangible and concrete. The transformation of dreams into realities is reliant upon action, yes, but also upon having the bravery, and the platforms, to share one’s dreams.

There are few dreams as revelatory as those of Dr. Martin Luther King, whose resonant speeches continue to teach citizen activists about the tenets of nonviolent means for advancing global social and political movements. The year 2013 marks a significant milestone in Dr. King’s legacy: the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and King's “I Have a Dream” speech. The King Center is commemorating this watershed moment in history with year-long events and new initiatives meant to actively engage and inspire future generations.

The King Center's "Share Your Dreams" feature collects and aggregates dreams.

One such initiative is the addition of the “Share Your Dreams” feature on The King Center website, on which led the technical development as a continuation of our work on the site launch just over one year ago. The feature enables people from all over the world to not only contribute to an archive of aspirational messages but also to create connections between and be inspired by people on the other side of the world. Before even its public launch which is to occur in the coming weeks, “Share Your Dreams” has inspired more than 3,800 submissions which came in both via the website and via handwritten messages shared at event pop-up booths and populated by site administrators.

Working with a talented team of players including C&G Partners, Microstrategies, and most importantly The King Center and their generous sponsor JPMorgan Chase, Palantir helped create a multidimensional site feature which includes a submission and approval system, visualization of content through cloud and map displays, rotation of featured content, and a search system. The feature, in and of itself, was the result of a dream to aggregate dreams.

The milestones around Dr. King’s legacy coincide with other important historical milestones including the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation and African American History Month. Pay tribute to these by sharing your dreams, sharing with your children to give voice to theirs, and sharing with your friends and loved ones to radiate hope to our global community and raise awareness about nonviolent ways to promote social change.