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Takeaways From HighEdWeb 2015

We share what attendees loved at HighEdWeb in Milwaukee, WI.

Recently we attended and presented at HighEdWeb in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Not only that but we were also sponsors! This kind of conference is important to us for a lot of reasons. Most of all, it's an opportunity for institutions to share their knowledge and experiences, which is completely in-line with the open source movement of which we're a proud member.

This kind of openness is vital to move all of our work forward in the higher education space. We learn new approaches and actively listen so we know the real world challenges our peers are dealing with on a daily basis, making us more efficient and productive in our own work.

We met no shortage of incredible people who told us about what they do, how they do it, and the kind of challenges they're up against. To name a few:

  • Is it organizational or governance-related?
  • Is it about capacity building?
  • Is it about strategy and how to roll out a particular site or platform?
  • Or is it some issue with a specific third-party integration?

Whatever the challenges, we're here to help. Our years of experience have taught us that building a sustainable strategy, empowering you and your team, and focusing on a long-term relationship has far greater value than a quick win.

Bonus round: highlights from HighEdWeb

Don't just take our word for it. Allison Manley, our Account Manager and resident podcaster also recorded a slew of comments from attendees on the big highlights for each of them from the conference. For some it was the sessions, keynotes, or some other facet of the conference, but most of all it was the community itself. They're all collected for your listening pleasure right here.

So… why?

Every strategy, design, and development shop like Palantir will essentially say the same things: we're the best, we're experts, we know success, and so on. So is it really true in this case, and why do we care so much?

If you look at our portfolio, you'll see this very clearly. Some might call us choosy, but that's because of our values. We want to affect change in this world, and see clear opportunities to do so in industries like higher education, healthcare, cultural institutions, nonprofits and public media, to name a few.

We know firsthand the value higher education provides people because it's literally part of Palantir's DNA. The company was founded when our CEOs George and Tiffany were undergraduates at Northwestern University just north of Chicago. In fact, our very first clients nearly 20 years ago were colleges and universities.

Our experience has taught us that a higher education organization's Web site is an integral component in facilitating learning and making the opportunities colleges and universities provide accessible to a much wider audience. We see the inherent value in this kind of work, and are glad to be part of this dialog.

Come for the knowledge sharing, stay for the community

HighEdWeb is lively and fun, and filled with unique individuals who are there to do good work. This genuine passion about the work done in higher education and the perpetual curiosity on how to improve it for the audience of students, faculty, and parents, is inspiring and contagious. You may never want to leave the conference. Well, except to attend one of the fun social events.

Needless to say we're fans of HighEdWeb and higher education work, and hope to see you at next year's conference in Memphis.

Let's work together.

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