Things to Do in Denver When You're at DrupalCon

by George DeMet

It’s only been a few weeks since the Palantir team returned from DrupalCon London, but already we’re starting to gear up for DrupalCon Denver, which will be held from March 19-23, 2012. The theme of this year’s conference is “Collaborative Publishing for Every Device”, which fits in perfectly with much of the work that we’ve been doing over the past year and a half.

John Albin Wilkins and Dave Reid have already been confirmed as two of the conference’s featured speakers; a number of other Palantiri have also proposed sessions across a variety of tracks. As a sponsor of DrupalCon Denver, we’ll also be participating in Day Stage sessions and have a presence on the exhibit hall floor.

Speaking at DrupalCon

We encourage you to take a look at these proposals and provide your feedback before November 14 both in the “Rate This Proposal” section and in the comments section. While ratings only make up a small part of the DrupalCon session selection process, it’s important for track chairs and conference organizers to hear from the community when making their decisions:

Business and Strategy

Managing Drupal Development Teams
In this session, Ken Rickard will cover strategies for keeping development teams engaged, effective and efficient.

Lessons Learned: Open Source Contributions - A Case Study of Workbench
Using the development of Workbench as a case study, Colleen Carroll and Robin Barre will talk about how to make open source contributions in a way that focuses on business strategy, sustainability, and community involvement.

Nonprofit, Government & Education

Mystery Case Study: Preserving a Legacy and Inspiring Social Change
This case study session will take you behind-the-scenes of an ambitious Drupal project to preserve the legacy of one of the most significant historical figures of the 20th Century and help inspire non-violent social change and equality around the world.

Site Building

Customizing Workbench
Bec White and Steve Persch will conduct this hands-on demonstration of Workbench and its capabilities, covering both basic installation and configuration tasks as well as more advanced customization options.


Managing Mobile Design Projects
This session will explore the different ways of approaching mobile design projects by walking through the process behind designing and developing various real-life mobile apps and responsive design websites.

Coding and Development

The Tools of the Trade-Off
Larry Garfield will examine the relationships between some of the main aspects of software architecture, such as Performance, Scalability, Learnability, Modularity, and Testability, and how to strike a balance between them.

The New Drupal Framework
Larry Garfield and Node One’s Greg Dunlap will talk about the core initiatives they’ve been working on for Drupal 8, and some of the upcoming changes that will fundamentally change the way that the framework operates.

Design and User Experience

Recovering Print Designers: Making the Transition from Print to Web
Michael Mesker and Patrick Grady will talk about how print designers can effectively translate their skills to the Web, and the opportunities offered by the medium.

The majority of selected sessions will be announced in early December, and the final schedule will be posted in late January. We’ll be posting more about our DrupalCon Denver plans in the coming months; in the meantime, we hope you’ll consider buying a ticket and seeing us there!

Image courtesy of the Drupal Association. Some rights reserved.


So, your title says "Things to Do in Denver When You're at DrupalCon"...I thought this might be, you know, maybe a list of attractions, places to visit, ski destinations...not an advertorial for Palantir sessions. Any chance of some non-Drupalcon stuff?

It wasn't our intention to mislead or confuse folks; the title of the post was a subtle reference to a mob movie from the mid '90s that apparently not very many people saw.

As they say in the business, if you have to explain your joke, it's probably not a very good one. We'll try to do better next time!

Hi, just to say that I too clicked on the link expecting information about sightseeing etc in Denver.

Fortunately, the article was still very interesting to read and I am of course interested in the sessions that Palantir are hoping to get selected.

Same here. Expectations altered... Though I enjoy hearing these guys speak, gosh, I guess I'll have to go elsewhere to read about things to do in Denver that are not DrupalCon!