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Top 10 Reasons to Look for Us at DrupalCon Los Angeles

DrupalCon North America is around the corner, and with it comes the culmination of ideas, technologies, techniques, and all things Drupal, all in Los Angeles May 11 - 15.

The annual culmination of ideas, technologies, techniques, and all things Drupal in North America is happening in Los Angeles this year May 11 - 15. Certainly if you're a member of the community, you already know the myriad of reasons to attend, but in case you're Drupal-curious we wanted to give a few Palantir-centric reasons to attend and say hello. (we'll be at booth 103, for those taking notes at home).

10) Drup-ally

Palantir is a proud supporter of the Drupal community, not only sponsoring the conference itself, but also presenting the beloved Trivia Night on Thursday May 14 at 333LIVE. In addition, we have team members who contribute to core, are critical members of the Drupal Association, and are vital to the Association's Working Groups and beyond.

9) Sessions!

You'll be dazzled by sessions like Steve Persch's Rendering HTML with Drupal: Past, Present and Future on May 12 at 2:15pm in room 502B, and Larry “Crell" Garfield Silex: I shall call it mini-Symfony! on May 12 at 3:45pm in room 411. More of our sessions listed below.

8) Greetings arsenal

We're always up for a high five or hug, depending on mutual comfort levels for such things. Handshakes are also acceptable, too, of course.

8) Drupal 8 preparedness

Drupal 8 is at the forefront of your mind, and rightfully so. The possibilities are limitless with the new version of Drupal. Thankfully, we've been embedded in its development and training on it for years, so we're expertly suited to create success for you with D8. In fact, you can catch Larry "Crell" Garfield's Drupal 8: The Crash Course session on May 12 at 1:00pm in room Petree D to learn more, not to mention Ken Rickard's session below.

7) Get your business on

We have two sessions in the Business and Strategy track with Colleen Carroll's Building a Sustainable Recruiting Strategy for Drupal and Beyond on Tuesday May 12 at 5pm in room 515A, and Ken Rickard's (Re)Launch strategies: Drupal 8 and the modern web on Thursday May 14 at 2:15pm in room 502B.

6) We've got your back

We have experience in a variety of technologies complementary to Drupal like Symfony, Silex, Elasticsearch, and Twig, not to mention PHP at-large. We're also completely prepared for development in Drupal 7 and 8, too. In short: bases, covered. Looking for something specific before DrupalCon? Let us know.

5) Keeping core fit

We have two session in the Core Conversations track with Steve Persch's What Panels can teach us about Web Components on May 14 at 10:45am, and Larry "Crell" Garfield's session simply titled No where the audience will be asked "To what should Drupal say No?" on May 13 at 5pm, both in room 518.

4) Practice, perfect

Our Webby-recognized design practice is world-class, and is the perfect compliment to our strategy and development work. Whether you have a need for a one-stop-shop firm for an end-to-end project, or something a bit more a la carte and design-focused, get in touch—regardless of the platform on which your site was built.

3) Goodie swag

We'd be out of line to not mention our fun swag. Stickers, buttons, zipper pulls, fancy recycled mechanical pencils, and more. Share and share alike, as they say, so stop by booth 103.

2) Meet, greet, L33T

Steve Persch and Larry “Crell" Garfield are not only taking part in a Meet the Authors event for the publication Drupal Watchdog, they're doing an impromptu Birds of a Feather (BoF) presentation on Design Systems. Both happening before lunch on Wednesday May 13.

1) Always be strategizing

We put strategy first, whether it's part of an end-to-end project or partnering with in-house teams to help provide a clear path to success. We'd love to talk, and show you how our expertise in this space can enhance your upcoming projects.

Whatever the reason, whatever the capacity, we'd love to say hello and talk shop. In addition to everyone listed above, CEO George DeMet, Business Development Manager Brad Nowak, and Marketing and Communications Lead Shawn Smith will also be in attendance, enjoying sessions, hanging out at the booth, and, in general, taking it all in. Stop by; you won't be sorry.

Want to talk to someone specific? Let us know, and we can set up a time to chat at DrupalCon.

* Since we're doing a numbered list, we are legally obligated to include the following copy with this post: you'll never believe what happens next.

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