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Top 5 Takeaways From DrupalCon New Orleans

Our top five takeaways from DrupalCon New Orleans.

DrupalCon New Orleans was last week, and it kept us quite busy! Even though we all thoroughly enjoyed the conference and socializing that came with it, now that we've had a few days to reflect, our memories are even fonder. With that, we share our top 5 takeaways from DrupalCon.

5) Drupal 8 is coming into its own

It's no secret that the long development cycle of Drupal 8 created uncertainty for some organizations and agencies alike. But that's all a distant memory now. We saw a significant uptick on the adoption of and migration to Drupal 8 at this year's DrupalCon, and we couldn't be happier. Better still, our hard work on Drupal 8 – in working with Drupal 8 for our clients, contributing to core, as well as helping bring Workbench to Drupal 8 – means we're well suited to take on your Drupal 8 project or provide expert advice on whether or not it's time to migrate based on your organizational goals.

4) The sessions and keynotes

Regardless of your area of expertise, this DrupalCon provided a wide range of incredible sessions and daily keynotes; some technical, some about strategy, some about making the workplace better, and everything between. Both Engineer Kelsey Bentham and Account Manager Allison Manley enjoyed Easy Accessibility in Drupal 8. Our Director of Professional Services Ken Rickard enjoyed Jeff Eaton's Recoupling: Bridging Design and Structured Content session and what Dries shared about the Content Workflow initiative. Our Director of Operations Colleen Carroll loved Leaving Drupal by David Hwang (it has a happy ending, promise). Whereas Senior Engineer Andrea Soper stuck to conversations in the hall and hallways where she appreciated the hard work getting the Contrib modules updated for Drupal 8, and that there were frank discussions about work/life balance and the health of team members in both the community and workplace. The list could go on, of course, so let's continue it. Which sessions or keynotes did you enjoy most? Let us know on Twitter @palantir.

3) Workbench!

This indispensable module is ready for Drupal 8 right now, with its component modules closely behind. We talked with a lot of folks about Workbench, and the excitement at DrupalCon was clear. In fact, if you're a user of Workbench in Drupal 7, or are Workbench-curious, we've hosted a free webinar as a intro to Workbench in Drupal 8. 

2) The overall positivity

We'll admit that this is pretty hand-wavey, but if you were there you'd feel it, too. There was a lot of positivity about Drupal this year, proven by those who work on Drupal as a platform, organizations who use Drupal, and even those who are considering Drupal. Virtually everyone we spoke to agreed, and, in fact, some shared such thoughts in our Best of DrupalCon podcast by Account Manager Allison Manley. Don't believe us? Give it a listen!

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1) The community

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: as far as Drupal has come as a top choice for countless organizations, it's the community that makes it all possible. DrupalCon truly is a place to learn, share, and, of course, socialize with some of the best and brightest people working in Drupal, and beyond. Thank you for the great times, and even greater conversations.

See you next year!

Dries image by Susan Coates - Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) onFlickr

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