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Twelve Days of UXmas Giveaway

From December 1st through December 18th, follow along daily on Twitter (@palantir or #12DaysofUXmas) to see our tweets on how to enter for each day's prize.

Twelve Days of UXmas

In the spirit of giving this holiday season — and to celebrate good user experience — Palantir is creating our own version of the 12 days of Christmas with our Twelve Days of UXmas. Starting December 1st, we will be giving away a gift for the next 12 business days.

Some are big-ticket items, like free services. Some are small, shameless reminders that we’re here to support you in your UX goals. There might even be some goodies in there from our friends at Acquia. Each is a way of saying how much we enjoy sharing and spreading good cheer and user experience.

How can you win? Starting December 1st, follow along daily on Twitter (@palantir or #12DaysofUXmas) to see our tweets on how to enter for each day's prize.

Just like a good holiday recipe requires a lot of steps and ingredients, many things go into making a good user experience. From strategy to design to development (and all of the steps in between) Palantir endeavors to give our clients an amazing user experience from start to finish.

Some of our favorite UX-related blog posts this year:

Happy UXmas, and good luck!

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