New Year, New Drupal, New Faces

by Tiffany Farriss

2011 is a little over a week old and already there is much to celebrate. It's shaping up to be a year of growth and excitement for both Palantir and the Drupal community.

A huge undertaking, Drupal 7 is something that the entire community should feel so proud of. Drupal 7 is a watershed release that's more powerful, flexible, and easier-to-use than previous versions of Drupal. It features a redesigned administrative user interface, better multimedia handling, improved security, and better compatibility with different databases.

While our heartfelt congratulations and gratitude go out to the entire community, we want to recognize Dave Reid (Dave Reid), Larry Garfield (Crell), John Wilkins (JohnAlbin), Ken Rickard (agentrickard), and Matt Farina (mfer), as well as our new colleague Jen Simmons (jensimmons), who each devoted significant personal time to making Drupal 7 a success. Their significant efforts for Drupal core above and beyond their paid professional work is what makes Drupal, both as software and a community, so strong.

As if writing code wasn't enough, Larry, Ken, John and Matt also collaborated with a couple Palantir alums on the excellent Drupal 7 book: Learning Drupal 7 Module Development from Packt Publishing. Pick up a copy, if you haven't already.

Hopefully, everyone has now recovered from the final push to get Drupal 7 out the door (as well as the subsequent global parties last Friday night). Several years in the making, Palantir has been looking forward to the Drupal 7 release for some time. Palantir was working with Drupal 7 throughout most of 2010 for our clients, including Chicago Public Media, Barnard College and The Field Museum of Natural History. We're very excited to begin sharing the results of that work with you soon as those projects begin to launch in the coming months.

Even though we had to wait until 2011 to see Drupal 7's release, 2010 was a productive year for Palantir nevertheless. As a team, we launched custom Drupal Web solutions for:

We also did some serious work with Dates and Calendaring for the Balboa Park Online Collaborative and some site building for the Archdiocese of St. Louis.

Our User Experience (UX) practice was a major focus for Palantir in 2010. The results can be seen on, World Business Chicago and General Catalyst, as well as the DrupalCon Chicago site (recently cited for its awesome design).

While 2010 was a year of accomplishments, we're already hitting the ground running in 2011 with two awesome new colleagues. On behalf of Palantir, I'm thrilled to welcome Jen Simmons and Pat Teglia to the team.

Jen (jensimmons) is an experienced developer and designer who's been working with the Web since 1996. She is perhaps best known in the Drupal community as the lead designer and maintainer of the core Bartik theme for Drupal 7.

Pat (CrashTest_) is a talented front-end and mobile application developer with extensive Drupal site-building experience.

And, of course, we're gearing up to welcome the world here for DrupalCon Chicago. It's hard to believe that it'll be here in 8 weeks! Palantir has been working very hard since DrupalCon Paris in 2009 to make sure that this DrupalCon lives up to the high bar established by all the awesome DrupalCons that have gone before. We've got lots in store so be sure to buy your ticket this week. Tickets are $350 ($370 including a Field Museum party ticket) through Friday, January 14 at 11:59PM Pacific Standard Time (PST).

We hope you'll join us here for DrupalCon Chicago March 7-10 as we share Drupal 7 with the world and start to collaborate on Drupal 8.

I am so grateful and humbled to have the opportunity to work with such amazing colleagues, clients and community. I am very excited to see we will accomplish together in 2011!


Thanks again for your help with our website (, and thanks, more than anything, for the countless hours given back from Palantir to the Drupal community—many patches were submitted and reviewed by Palantiri, and I hope to visit you guys again sometime when I'm back in Chicago.

I'm looking forward to DrupalCon Chicago - can't wait!