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DrupalCamp Colorado 2019

Tiffany Farriss

Palantir was excited to return to Denver as a sponsor for DrupalCamp Colorado 2019!

Keynote: Learning @ Work

Our CEO, Tiffany Farriss, discussed the role of organizational culture and open source projects like Drupal in the success of tech companies. 

User Story Mapping: Make Your Agile Backlog a Map, Not a To-do List

Have you ever stared at your backlog and gone cross-eyed? You have a hundred well-defined tickets, all placed in their sprints or waiting for their chance to be slated for work. Your team is resourced. You have an idea of the feature you’re cranking out next. But does it ever feel like your backlog is a monster to-do list instead of a map of where you’re going? How do you keep a 10,000-ft view of the thing you’re building when you’re heads down in your user stories?

User Story Mapping (pioneered by Jeff Patton) is not a new concept, but it will transform the way you approach Drupal projects. Senior Web Strategist and UX Architect, Jill Farley, presented a session on how to structure an initial map-building workshop.

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