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Accelerating an internal team to a successful launch

Supporting a Successful Migration

PatientPoint partners with thousands of hospitals, health systems and physician offices to develop and deliver point-of-care engagement solutions for patients and healthcare providers.

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PatientPoint decided to move their corporate site from WordPress to Drupal in 2018. Competing internal demands and some personnel changes slowed their timeline.

Solution provided a team of three, made up of a Drupal architect and two engineers, to accelerate the site build to launch.


The new PatientPoint site launched in June 2020 to company-wide acclaim.

The Situation

PatientPoint decided to move their corporate site from WordPress to Drupal in 2018 to improve the site’s security and bring it into alignment with their overall technical stack. Competing internal demands and some personnel changes slowed their timeline, and they had just one developer working on the site long term. They needed:

  • A dedicated Drupal engineering team to accelerate the redesign/replatform 
  • Website launch support

How Palantir Helped

For a big project like a website redesign and replatform, an in-house team can get bogged down managing competing needs.  A staff augmentation team can accelerate a project to launch.

Technical Architecture Consulting

PatientPoint had chosen Acquia Lightning as their base Drupal 8 profile, and our senior engineer partnered with their project lead to architect and build the site. Our role was to build on the incremental work PatientPoint had completed and map out the critical path to launch.

Acceleration and Launch

Once the critical path was solidified by Palantir's Drupal architect, we added two engineers to the team to accelerate the build. The team translated the PatientPoint visual designs from PDF to the Drupal theme, and built the CMS in Drupal 8.

PatientPoint Homepage after After


The biggest impact the Palantir team had on the project was to create certainty on the launch date. The site launch had been up in the air largely due to the lack of a firm project plan, scope, and team. Palantir’s senior architect established the critical path and our engineers delivered against it.

PatientPoint’s new site launched on June 11, 2020 to positive reviews across the company.

"We’d been working on the new site for so long, and bringing Palantir on was the first time we felt we had a realistic plan for launch. Our whole team did amazing work, and we couldn’t have launched without Palantir."

- Katie Merz, EVP of Content and Creative

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