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Avi Schwab

Senior Engineer and Project Lead
  • Full-stack Drupal expertise +++++++
  • Higher-ed +++++++++
  • Child-rearing ++++++++

Avi is passionate about using his deep technical experience in higher-ed to help guide technical work for Palantir clients of all shapes and sizes. After obtaining a SB in Computer Science from the University of Chicago, he spent 10 years working there—starting in IT support and quickly moving into full-stack Drupal development. Avi has built Drupal applications of all sizes, but always strives to put the editor-experience first in his work—because without good content, all of our work would be for naught.

Things to Know

If Avi had to choose between shark diving, bungee jumping, or skydiving, he would choose skydiving and bungee jumping, definitely. He’s done both (in Cape Town and Kampala, respectively) and thoroughly enjoyed them. He thinks free-falling with the whole world splayed out around you is an amazing feeling, and he can't imagine being in a cage underwater would feel similarly. If he could only watch one movie for the rest of time, it would be The Fifth Element—because the shiny neon '90s dystopic future is the best dystopic future. Avi’s karaoke go-to is "She Don't Use Jelly" by The Flaming Lips. It's an easy-enough song to sing, and most decent places can dig it up, but it's something new for most people.

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