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Colleen Carroll

Director of Operations
  • People Operations ++++++++
  • Strategic Leadership +++++++++
  • Embroidery +++++++

As Director of Operations, Colleen strives to cultivate a place where people come together through open culture, diverse and engaging work, all while maintaining a fulfilling and sustainable business. She also provides strategic consultation and training. Colleen has experience as a front-end developer, as well as CMS implementation and training program development. She has a BA in Studio Art and a BA in Management Information Systems (Business) from St. Xavier University.

Things to Know

she / her / hers

Colleen is always cheered up by some good old bad television! She has acquired the nickname "cc" over the years because of the alliteration in her name. Colleen is always motivated by people, either through conversation or even conflict. Understanding interpersonal dynamics and what influences people gets her up in the morning! In three words, she would describe herself as passionate, honest, and understanding.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
Mahatma Gandhi
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