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Dan Montgomery

Senior Engineer and Technical Architect
  • Helping others ++++++++++
  • Storytelling +++++++
  • Peeling fruits ++++++++

Dan comes to Palantir with an extensive background in Drupal development, technical architecture leadership, and agile process leadership. As a Senior Engineer and Technical Architect, Dan helps our team define value and evaluate implementation strategies for our clients' projects. He has a B.A. in Economics from the University of Chicago. 

Things to Know

The best road trip Dan has been on was when he got the chance to drive across southern Utah through to Denver, Colorado. He walked in canyons, looked out across endless hoodoos, made it through a sand filled wind tunnel, and barely avoided a snow storm. Dan recently started learning the guitar again, but spends too much time dabbling in theory to ever play an entire song. He quite enjoys the laughs that hide for a bit in the repetitive and ridiculous and then take hold of you. When feeling adventurous, Dan usually puts too many things on a pizza. Those make-your-own pizza places are dangerous.



I am a medical doctor
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