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Daniel Serna

Senior Engineer
  • DevOps ++++++++++
  • PHP +++++++++
  • GoLang +++++
  • Coffee consumption +++++++++

Daniel joined Palantir in October of 2019 and brings with him over a decade of experience working with Drupal and web development. He has contributed to the Drupal project in many ways including commits to DrupalConsole and Views SimpleChart. He completed his undergraduate and master’s degrees at Unitec in Mexico. Daniel loves collaborating with team members and values how much he’s able to learn by working with such experienced people. He enjoys approaching big challenges with others to figure out a solution that results in excellent performance and processes.

Things to Know

Daniel enjoys listening to psychedelic rock and alternative rock. Between shark diving, bungee jumping, and skydiving, he'd rather go skydiving. For Daniel, the most exciting aspect of the web is that the web will never die. His best-kept secret is still a secret and he can't resist a good cup of coffee.

Live for today, gone tomorrow, that's me.
Pink Floyd

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