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Emma Peterson

Director of Strategic Delivery
  • Moving the Ball Forward ++++++++
  • Big Picture Thinking +++++++++
  • Adventuring +++++++

As's Director of Strategic Delivery, Emma works within and between teams, internal and external, to focus on important ideas and bring them to fruition. With a deep analytical background and ability to analyze key performance indicators to craft long-term strategic growth roadmaps, she is particularly passionate about proactive solutions and efficient workflows.

Emma brings 10 years of experience in merchant financial products and consumer payment systems. Previously, she worked for Tindall Associates as project manager and served as Head of Go To Global Market, Partners, and Marketplace for PayPal. 

She has a passion for inquiry and bringing stories to life, primarily on the stage. Emma loves learning and telling stories - ideally, she is able to both at the same time.

Emma is currently pursuing her BA in Global Leadership and Management at Washington University. She received her BA in Theater Performance from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and completed the Harvard Business School Online's CORe program.  

Emma in a Nutshell

  • Her current favorite hobby is listening to her textbooks while painting by numbers
  • She'll tell you her most awesome adventure to date is being a parent
  • She plans on returning to the theater once her kids, in her words, "lose interest in hanging out with their mom"
We make our world significant by the courage of our questions and by the depth of our answers.
Carl Sagan

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