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Erica DeJoannis

Senior UX Strategist

With her strengths set in design strategy – including user research, information architecture, and content strategy – Erica has worked in every role in software development, including visual design, branding, copy writing, coding, and testing.

Before joining, she worked on digital strategy for a variety of industries, including performing arts, banking, climate science, medicine, advocacy and activism, food and wine, travel, financial regulation, education, airlines, and mortgage markets, among others. She also taught and wrote a curriculum for web design and UX strategy.

Erica is passionate about politics, history, economics, and social justice, and cares a lot about seeing our world be the best it can be. She is also quite interested in psychology, self-improvement, mindfulness, parenting, and emotional intelligence.

Captivated by instructional design and breaking down myths, Erica enjoys using stories and games to help people learn and become more aware of themselves and their context.

Erica in a Nutshell

  • On the weekends, you’ll find her taking a walk – a long, long walk
  • She loves word-related and creative games, namely Pictionary, Balderdash, and Taboo, and she’ll never turn down a chance to play
  • Her other hobbies include reading, learning, dancing, teaching, singing, traveling, collaging, and sewing
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