Image of Kathryn Nelson

Kathryn Nelson

Web Strategist

As a member of the Web Strategy team, Kat specializes in content strategy and prioritizing user goals. She is both a writer and a strategist, but she got her start in the sciences studying ecology. Kat applies her scientific training in a unique way, looking at content as an integral part of the web ecosystem. Her career has included detours through academia, the non-profit world, and agency land before she found her home in the tech industry working in collaboration with web designers and software engineers. She has a master’s degree in rhetoric and technical communication.

Things to Know

Every last picture on Kat’s phone is of her sweet little kitten named Pippins. When she’s not taking cute kitty photos, she’s probably tweeting them. Kat loves the new WBEZ app; she pretty much relies on it every day because she can play "Morning Edition" anytime of the day (which is great if she sleeps in). If she could trade lives with someone for one day, it would be the next Powerball winner, who will, that day, graciously give her half of their winnings.