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Lauren Burroughs

Solution Architect
  • Sass ++++++++
  • Requirements Gathering +++++++++
  • Herding Cats +++++++

Fusing together a background in journalism and design with a vast knowledge of Drupal, accessibility and web development, Lauren leads teams of engineers to build dynamic websites and create online relationships to help clients reach their audiences in new and impactful ways. Lauren has a BS in Visual Communications and a BS in Magazine Journalism from Ohio University.

Things to Know

According to the internet, Lauren’s patronus would be a stag, but so far she’s been lucky enough to get through life without needing to conjure it. Most of her friends fondly refer to her as "Labby" coming from the fact that her initials are L.A.B. (a lucky coincidence that they didn't change when she got married). Lauren’s favorite thing about her job is working with a team of extremely talented individuals that help her to learn and grow every day.

A ship in harbor is safe — but that is not what ships are built for.
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