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Luke Wertz

Director of Consulting
  • PHP ++++++++
  • System Design +++++++++
  • Human Jungle Gym ++++++++

Luke is a seasoned PHP developer with experience on multiple open source platforms. He has architected and built large-scale platforms and systems for higher education, medical, publishing, and government-sector clients. Luke has a passion for organizing big data and helping organizations perfect their data management processes. Luke has a BA in Media Communications from Asbury University.

Things to Know

What Luke loves most about his job is helping people. He wouldn’t describe himself as a technophile, he just happens to be really good at using technology to help people. There are few things he loves more than getting off a phone call or merging a pull request and knowing that there will be a real, tangible benefit to our client or their clients because of it. His best achievement is, hands down, convincing his wife to marry him and then having kids together. “I definitely married up.” His kids teach him to see the world from different perspectives. Also, they make him laugh. A lot. One of his not really "hidden" as much as "not oft exercised" talents is that he speaks Swahili. He grew up in sub-Saharan Africa, and moved to America for college when he was 18.

To unwind, Luke likes to take naps. Few things in the world are as lovely as a good nap. He loves napping so much, he spent a year doing polyphasic sleep, only sleeping (up to) 2 hours at a time, all around the clock. Also: using an impact driver. After pushing pixels all day, sometimes it feels good to sweat. Luke listens to what he’s been told is "the worst” kind of music - usually, pop. That's a lie. Always pop. A very specific sub-genre of pop: Taylor Swift. The last picture he took with his phone was a picture of his wife reading their son a bedtime story. They had just put up his bedroom Christmas tree and the lighting was great. It was a really sweet moment.

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