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Michael Dickey

Director of Engineering Systems, Learning and Development
  • Team Leadership +++++++++
  • Drupal +++++++
  • Losing golf balls +++++

As Director of Engineering Systems, Learning and Development at Palantir, Michael helps the Palantir team to achieve their goals by promoting growth, ensuring they are getting the support they need, and encouraging them to achieve mastery in their fields. Michael has extensive leadership experience in Drupal development, user experience and web development best practices.

Things to Know

If Michael could only watch one movie for the rest of time, it would be Goodfellas. It's a great movie and it's long enough that it can be broken up into multiple episodes. He would most like to meet Jack Nicklaus because he seems like a genuinely good person and could shed some light on his golf game (but Bill Murray would be a very strong second). What makes Michael laugh the hardest is sharing stories with old friends from when they were younger (and less wise). If he could save only one item from a fire, it would be his recipes. He loves the connection they have with old family and various cultures. He actually recently realized this and started moving them online, but still has some to go. Michael simply cannot resist a good cigar.

Everybody can be great, because anybody can serve.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
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