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Sarah Lowe

Senior Web Strategist
  • Information Architecture +++++++
  • Content Migration +++++++++
  • Tabletop Role Playing Games +++++

As a Web Strategist at Palantir, Sarah guides clients through decisions on how to make the most of their content in order to achieve their business goals and meet their users' needs. Her previous experience as a Content Strategist and Digital Content Manager helped refine her expertise in content audits, information architecture, and content production process development. She has a Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies from Northwestern University.

Things to Know

she / her / hers

One short term goal of Sarah's is to attend the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan and climb Mt. Fuji while she's there. If sorted into a Harry Potter house, she knows she would be sorted into the Hufflepuff house, but she doesn't see the reputation of treating everyone fairly and valuing hard work as a bad thing. Her patronus is a pine marten (thanks Pottermore), which is the same family as otters and badgers, so again it's Hufflepuff all the way down.

I'm gonna wake up and keep trying to do good, and so are you, and nobody gets to vote on that.
Justin McElroy

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