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Terri Scales

Project Manager
  • Collaboration +++++++
  • Problem Solving ++++++
  • Veggie Meal Soup Enthusiasm ++++++++

As part of the Project Management Chapter, Terri is responsible for ensuring on-time, on-budget completion of deliverables on individual projects, communicating regularly with team members and clients to ensure a mutually beneficial project execution experience. Bringing strategies to life through collaboration is her passion - and it's what she loves most about her position at

Previously acting as Director of Development and External Relations for the Animal Cancer Foundation, Terri is dedicated to always bringing a positive energy to each aspect of her role. Organized, approachable, and creative, the best interests of both colleagues and clients is always at the forefront of her mind.

The most invaluable lesson she's learned throughout her professional career is that strong communication practices are essential to success with active listening as a critical component. Her husband, Pete, has served as her greatest influence by supporting her desire to explore new opportunities and encouraging her to believe in her skills, strengths, and talents.

Terri received her BA in Communications from the University of Illinois and Graduate Certificates in Project Management and Project Leadership from Cornell University.

Terri in a Nutshell

  • On weekends, you'll most likely run into her as she takes Ruby, her dog, on one of her long walks
  • If she could be anywhere in the world at this very moment, she would be hiking in the mountains
  • She is passionate about animal welfare and the environment, notably in the context of reducing personal impact
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