On The Air With Palantir, Ep. 08: Los Drupaleros

All about one Drupalero's experience in the Drupal community.

The Secret Sauce, Ep. 21: How to Write a Better RFP

Is it possible to write a better Request for Proposal? Our Account Manager Allison Manley thinks so. She has seen hundreds of RFPs come through the door, and shares some thoughts on how to streamline your process, and ask the right kinds of questions to get what you need on our latest Secret Sauce podcast episode.

The Secret Sauce, Ep. 20: Why It's Important to Deploy Early and Often

Account Manager Allison Manley is joined by Senior Engineer and Team Lead Bec White who has some thoughts regarding deployment, and why it's so important to do so early and often not only for your internal process but also to help bring a site to life for your clients.