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Building Ambitious Projects With Drupal

Ken Rickard | Jul 12, 2016

At Palantir, we know firsthand that Drupal connects ambition with possibility. Our Director of Professional Services Ken Rickard goes over a few projects in particular that demonstrate how.

DrupalCon New Orleans - - post-conference

Top 5 Takeaways from DrupalCon New Orleans

Shawn Smith | May 19, 2016

DrupalCon New Orleans was last week, and it kept us quite busy! Even though we all thoroughly enjoyed the conference and socializing that came with it, now that we've had a few days to reflect, our memories are even fonder. With that, we share our top 5 takeaways from DrupalCon.

Workbench module blog post graphic

It's here: Workbench for Drupal 8

Ken Rickard | May 4, 2016

We developed Workbench for Drupal 7 to address a set of common editorial problems for our clients. The modules continue to be a cornerstone of every site we build in Drupal, and for many other agencies. We're now happy to report that Workbench is available for Drupal 8. Our Director of Professional Services Ken Rickard explains.

The Secret Sauce podcast, Ep. 16: Finding Your Purpose as a Drupal Agency

Shawn Smith | May 3, 2016

CEO and Founder George DeMet shares a continuation of ideas presented at DrupalCon Barcelona with his new talk on the benefits of running a company according to a set of clearly defined principles, which he's presenting next week at DrupalCon New Orleans. It's called Finding Your Purpose as a Drupal Agency.

Thank you, Larry!

Thank You, Larry!

George DeMet | Apr 22, 2016

We thank Larry "Crell" Garfield for being a friend, community leader, and for his decade-plus technical expertise working at Palantir, as he moves onto his next adventure in the tech world.

DrupalCon New Orleans - - booth no. 222

What DrupalCon Means to Us

Shawn Smith | Apr 21, 2016

Each and every year we pack up our booth, swag, and people, and make the pilgrimage to a location somewhere in the US for DrupalCon North America. It's always an amazing week, filled with knowledge, sharing, fun, and, of course, business. What else is in store for this year in New Orleans? Plenty...

On the Air with Palantir podcast, Ep. 04: Everything You Need to Know About DrupalCon New Orleans

Shawn Smith | Apr 14, 2016

DrupalCon is just a few weeks away in New Orleans, so this time around our Account Manager Allison Manley is joined by our CEO and Founder George DeMet, Drupal veteran and PHP guru Larry "Crell" Garfield, and Senior Front-End Developer Lauren Byrwa. They share thoughts about the conference generally, what they're excited about specifically, and what they're expected from the Driesnote, among other topics.

Playbill cover for Project Management: The Musical!

Project Management: The Musical!

Shawn Smith | Mar 31, 2016

It's no secret that we take project and account management very seriously at After all, keeping all of the details of your project — regardless of scale — is key to its success today and in the future. But have you heard Project Management: The Musical!?

D8FTW blog post image - REST in Core

D8FTW: REST in Core

Larry Garfield | Mar 17, 2016

Drupal 8 Core ships with a trio of modules that enable push-button support for offering up content as a Web service, and – you guessed it – can be enhanced via contrib. Larry "Crell" Garfield explains in our third installment of our Web Services in Drupal 8 blog series with Acquia. This time, focusing on REST in Core.

The Secret Sauce podcast, Ep. 08: Explaining Panels

Shawn Smith | Mar 8, 2016

Today’s advice comes from Steve Persch who is an Agency and Community Engineer at Pantheon and former Palantir team member. Steve shares his thoughts on using the Panels module in Drupal.

D8FTW: REST-aware Routing - blog post image

D8FTW: REST-aware Routing

Larry Garfield | Mar 2, 2016

Drupal's need to better handle Web services drove most of the changes that are included in Drupal 8. But what was exactly was the problem with Web Services in previous Drupal versions? Larry "Crell" Garfield provides the details as part of a blog series in collaboration with Acquia.

The Secret Sauce podcast, Ep. 05

Shawn Smith | Feb 16, 2016

This time we're joined by Engineer Kelsey Betham who tells us all about exporting features in drupal, including why and when you should, and how doing so could be a huge benefit should something go horribly wrong with your site.

The Secret Sauce podcast, Ep. 04

Shawn Smith | Feb 9, 2016

Wouldn't it be nice to have a butler on hand to help streamline things? Well, in this case we're not talking about a person who comes and waits on you, but rather an impressive and integral front-end development tool developed internally at to help automate some of our work.

Web Services in Drupal 8 blog post image

Web Services in Drupal 8

Shawn Smith | Jan 26, 2016

Larry kicks off the series by laying out a comprehensive explanation of exactly what Web services are, providing a necessary and strong foundation for you to approach the exciting Web services developments new to Drupal 8. This is a collaboration with our friends over at Acquia.

The Secret Sauce podcast, Ep. 01

Shawn Smith | Jan 20, 2016

This is the first in our weekly bonus podcast called the Secret Sauce that deals with shorter tips and resources that will help you with some straightforward facet of your web project. This week Larry "Crell" Garfield helps you prepare for Drupal 8.

Drupal 8 is here!

Drupal 8 is here

Shawn Smith | Nov 19, 2015

Drupal 8 launched today, and with it comes a host of enhancements that benefit all of us – clients and partners alike. For our clients, this new version introduces hundreds of breakthrough features that will help you deliver the right experience and content for your users. - CC BY-SA 2.0

Building a Better Drupal

George DeMet | Oct 21, 2015

Founder and CEO George DeMet thinks Drupal needs a considerable amount of flexibility to stay competitive as a content management system against platforms like WordPress, Typo3, Adobe Experience Manager, and Sitecore, comparing its history to the history of architecture.

Tokens, Performance, and Caching blog post image

Tokens, Performance, and Caching

Larry Garfield | Sep 9, 2015

Earlier this year, Larry was brought in to help our client Foreign Affairs whose site was experiencing some pre-launch performance issues. While the team identified and addressed a few issues related to Authenticated pages, one in particular is an issue many developers may not think about.

D8FTW: Customizing your back-end blog post image

D8FTW: Customizing your back-end

Larry Garfield | Aug 27, 2015

In his last installment, Larry talked about the various ways of storing data in Drupal 8. One important point he noted was that "in the database" is not an option, since all of Drupal's storage systems are abstractions above the actual data store.He goes even further saying that if you ever write an SQL query yourself in Drupal 8, you're probably doing it wrong.

Certification blog post image

The True Value of Certification

George DeMet | Aug 27, 2015

The topic of certification has long been a controversial one within the Drupal community. Palantir Founder and CEO George DeMet thinks the typical arguments around this, while completely valid, miss the larger point.

Storing data in Drupal 8 blog post illustration

D8FTW: Storing data in Drupal 8

Larry Garfield | Aug 11, 2015

It's no newsflash that storing and retrieving data is the point of Content Management Systems like Drupal. Then again, not all content is created equal. In this review of data storage and Drupal 8, Larry "Crell" Garfield talks about the different methods of storing data in Drupal 8, and the usefulness of each.

Focus leads to success

Saying No to Say Yes

Larry Garfield | Jul 15, 2015

Companies and projects that can't focus tend to have problems, since instead of doing one thing well, they end up doing lots of things poorly. In this post, Larry argues that in order for the Drupal project to be successful in the long term, it needs to have a clear and explicit focus.

Twin Cities or bust - Palantir at Twin Cities Drupal Camp

Twin Cities or Bust!

Shawn Smith | Jun 24, 2015

Twin Cities Drupal Camp is here! This year, we have six Palantiri in attendance, presenting sessions on a number of important topics like Drupal 8, testing, technical debt, design systems, and much more.

D8FTW: Drupal 8 World Tour blog post image

D8FTW: The Drupal 8 Tour

Larry Garfield | Jun 18, 2015

Larry "Crell" Garfield is taking it to the streets, speaking about the big changes—particularly on those related to PHP—coming with Drupal 8. Where has he been? Where will he be later this year? This post will give you the full lay of the land related to this important talk.

Drupal 8 Accelerate

Increasing Velocity and Drupal 8

Shawn Smith | Mar 26, 2015

We're proud to be one of seven anchor donors who are raising funds alongside the Drupal Association to support Drupal 8 development with the Drupal 8 Accelerate Fund. Let's rally support.

Palantir and MidCamp 2015 = love

Meet us in the Middle

Shawn Smith | Mar 5, 2015

Wondering what we're up to at the Midwest's premier DrupalCamp, where developers, designers, strategists, UX professionals, project managers, and many others gather to share ideas on a variety of topics and technologies, better known as MidCamp this year?

Panels pt 2 blog post image

Explaining Panels: Why I use Panels

Steve Persch | Jan 29, 2015

In his first installment Senior Engineer Steve Persch provided an overview of the Drupal Panels module. In part two, he explains why he uses Panels.

Explaining Panels Module blog post graphic

Explaining Panels: An Overview for Drupal Developers

Steve Persch | Dec 31, 2014

Panels module. Is it good? Is it too complex? Does it make a site faster or slower? When people talk about "Panels" there are numerous submodules and supporting projects they might be referring to as well. Steve explores where the lines are drawn between the modules, and looks at which existing Drupal concepts each module augments.

DrupalCon Amsterdam logo

DrupalCon Amsterdam

Shawn Smith | Sep 9, 2014

Each year the Drupal Association coordinates a few large-scale conferences for the global Drupal community. This time around the European conference is in Amsterdam, and we’ll be there to enjoy code sprints, meeting new members of the community, sessions, and, of course, presenting a few ourselves.

D8FTW! accompanying image of palm tree

D8FTW: Your Next Drupal Hire Isn't a Drupal Hire

Larry Garfield | Aug 26, 2014

One challenge the Drupal community has faced for some time is a labor shortage. There are, quite simply, not enough skilled Drupal developers to go around. That's quite a problem when the Drupal market is continuing to grow steadily.

Palantir @ DrupalCon Austin

DrupalCon Austin: a Recap

Shawn Smith | Jun 24, 2014

Anyone even remotely connected to the Drupal community knows how special DrupalCon is. The community, code sprints, co-mingling of ideas, and, of course, coffee. Thousands of people from around the world getting together – in Austin, no less – to share, learn, and have fun. We sent eleven Palantiri to Austin this year, and now that the attendees have had some quality time to reflect, they wanted to share their experiences.

D8FTW! Unit-testing

D8FTW: Unit Testing For Realsies

Larry Garfield | May 28, 2014

Unit testing Drupal 7 is way harder than it should have been, and is often skipped as a result. In Drupal 8, we have much better options making testing practical, easy, and effective courtesy of PHPUnit. Let's see how easy it is.

DrupalCon - photo: Michael Schmid - CC BY-SA 2.0

Palantir @ DrupalCon Austin

Shawn Smith | May 21, 2014

It’s that time of year again: DrupalCon in the US! We’ll be headed to the great state of Texas – Austin, specifically – and we’re incredibly excited to get things rolling.

D8FTW! Welcome!

D8FTW: Rolling Out the Welcome Mat

Larry Garfield | Apr 11, 2014

Drupal 8 doesn't just make Drupal more approachable for PHP developers. It makes it more approachable for all developers. We've seen it firsthand.

D8FTW: Hacking Core Without Killing Kittens

Larry Garfield | Feb 27, 2014

"Every time you hack core, god kills a kitten," goes the saying. Except in Drupal 8, where you can modify core without harming anyone. Larry Garfield shows us how. (No kittens were harmed in the making of this blog post.)

D8FTW: Breadcrumbs That Work

Larry Garfield | Jan 31, 2014

Breadcrumbs have long been the bane of every site builder's existence. Larry shows how in Drupal 8, they not only rock but exemplify the benefits of Drupal's new architecture.


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