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Our Services

From innovative web solutions and user-centric design and strategy to Drupal development and maintenance, Palantir offers comprehensive services to help bring even the most complex digital platform to life.

Solution Delivery

Are you grappling with web modernization, or do you need a new platform created from scratch? We can help you design and build.

UX design and strategy

Do you want to understand your users’ needs better, or require an accessible interface that meets compliance requirements? We can research and design for you.

Drupal Continuous Delivery Portfolio

Does your existing Drupal website deserve more attention? We can take care of maintenance and upgrades while offering proactive consulting on tech strategy to grow your platform.

Solution delivery

Modern web solutions from discovery to delivery

We’re experts in Drupal and open source, and we love to innovate. If your website needs an overhaul, or you want a completely new platform, we’re ready to get creative. Our solution delivery services span everything from discovery to implementation, and thanks to our close working relationship, you’re guaranteed full ownership of a product that does exactly what you need.

  • Web modernization to the highest standards
  • Novel platforms and solutions
  • Innovation and custom solutions in Drupal
  • Reduce the cost of code ownership
  • Flexible project scale
  • A stable, focused Client Success Team (CST)
  • Team integration ensuring site ownership
  • Agile adaptability for changing environments
  • Specialized expertise in public sector, healthcare, and higher education
  • Expertise in compliance and accessibility
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UX design and strategy

Optimize your users' journey, from start to finish

We’re passionate about breaking down barriers between your users and the experience they seek on your platform. Our UX design services dive deep into user research to clarify what your users want and how best to deliver it. As specialists in the public sector, healthcare and higher education, we place particular emphasis on accessibility and ensuring your site meets legal requirements. What’s more, our unique “no-handoff” approach gives you a seamless transition between design and development.

  • Integrated team collaboration from day one
  • Seamless design-to-development workflow
  • User-centric research and design
  • Experts in information architecture
  • Plain language content strategy
  • Expertise in compliance and accessibility
  • Experts in building for healthcare, higher education, and the public sector
  • 15 years of expertise in modular design systems
  • Implement on any platform
Palantiri project planning

Drupal Continuous Delivery Portfolio (CDP)

Your tech and strategy partner for uninterrupted growth

A great website is always moving forward. But preserving that momentum with maintenance, updates, and growth initiatives is a challenge. Palantir’s Drupal Continuous Delivery Portfolio (CDP) is our comprehensive solution. We’ll complement your internal resources with our integrated, cross-functional team, combining bread-and-butter maintenance with proactive strategic consulting, letting you extend your site’s lifespan and pounce on new opportunities for growth.

  • An expansion of your team, tailored to your needs
  • We take care of everyday maintenance
  • Grow your Drupal expertise
  • Strategic vision paired with technical prowess
  • Proactive, future-focused consulting
  • Deep integration within your team
  • Consistent project oversight
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