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We are

Making the web a better place since 1996.

Palantir® is a digital consultancy that works to strengthen humanity by helping others discover, create, and share knowledge.

We partner with clients whose own work enhances society. Whose projects continue to inspire and challenge our team with increasingly interesting and complex problems. Who understand that telling their story using compelling content and visuals creates the best communications tools. And who engage with us in an open and trusting manner so we can collaboratively create thoughtful online experiences that meet their goals while sharing their knowledge and good works around the world.

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We believe in a working culture that supports teamwork, empowerment, flexibility, integrity, innovation, and feedback. Regardless of physical location, our team thrives through collaboration. We get better together.

Our Core Values


We believe that the best outcomes are realized when people are able to create and collaborate in an open and inclusive environment.

Making the Right Choices

We believe in thoughtfully and deliberately making the best choices and helping others to do so as well.


We believe in growing relationships through mutual trust and respect. 


We believe that flexible thinking and flexible, healthy work arrangements drive success. 

Thinking for the Future

We believe in taking the long view and adapting to meet future needs. 

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