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Claudio Patrone

Technical Architect

As Technical Architect, Claudio focuses on the building, development, and deployment of websites, proactively solving issues and troubleshooting any potential implementation challenges. What he values the most about his role at is the opportunity to learn from other people, all while enjoying the challenge of providing deliverable and solid solutions.

Claudio's colleagues would describe him as easygoing, intelligent, and reliable - all which speak to his personal motto: "Do what you can, the best you can." This is a mentality and work ethic he attributes to his father who taught him from an early age to always press on and progress, despite any blockers he may encounter because hurdles can always be overcome.

Previously, Claudio has worked as a Drupal Developer for COLAB, Mobomo, Council on Foreign Relations, and Velir. He received his degree in Software Engineering and Computer Software Engineering from the University of Belgrano. 

Claudio in a Nutshell

  • He has a knack for repairing things, especially home appliances (ask about the time he repaired the microwave)
  • If he could be anywhere in the world at this very moment, he would be in Italy
  • He believes the key to professional success is staying focused and persistent, while remaining open to opportunities


If you think you can do it, you can.
John Burroughs

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