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Profile view of a person holding a pen in his hand. He is wearing a tshirt that says, "Success is a Journey". On the wall behind him is a large white post-it sheet, with smaller post-it notes and writing in marker on it.

Success is a journey, not a destination.

Unlock the long-term success of your Drupal website with Palantir’s Continuous Delivery Portfolio.

When you need more than just support

Palantir’s Drupal Continuous Delivery Portfolio (CDP) goes beyond pure support offerings with proactive, expert consulting, delivering sustainable success for your Drupal websites and your business. We help you break the cycle of support tickets and short-term fixes, so you can be present to focus on new ideas, fresh opportunities, and increased ROI.

Farewell Delivery Team, Hello Drupal CDP

After launch, Palantir’s CDP goes (way) beyond the basics you expect, like support tickets, security, and upgrades. You get a dedicated, expert team actively supporting your business initiatives and keeping an eye on tech trends and external milestones relevant to your business. 

Our skill set extends beyond technical expertise. We offer a comprehensive solution—from your tech stack to your business—for the full post-launch lifecycle of your website. And we’re your dedicated strategic partners along your success journey, leveraging our industry knowledge and expertise in strategy, design, and development to propel your website and business forward.

Success is a Journey

Palantir’s CDP is built on our belief that success is a journey that continues past launch day. We crafted it to enable us to maintain your site's health while proactively planning its future—together. 

We work closely with you to measure success against your stated goals to ensure that your online presence continues to provide value, engage, and delight you and your customers and stakeholders. 

Being part of our Portfolio means our dedicated on-staff team of strategists, designers, and developers ensures your site is always in tip-top shape and ready for future growth. You get to enjoy the peace of mind and freedom to be creative, knowing that you’re prepared for new challenges.

How we help you along your success journey

++ Expertise: We are technical experts, but we’re not just technical experts! Maintenance and upgrades are clearly a part of CDP, but that’s just the beginning.

++ Momentum: Less technical friction means growing momentum. Your tech stack will be secure, up-to-date, and ready to support your next idea or opportunity. Adding value adds up!

++ Long-term ROI: You rely on your website to deliver results every day. We’ve been there. We understand the challenges and know what it takes to keep projects running smoothly while delivering lasting, ongoing value. Count on us to think beyond support tickets and focus on helping you improve your long-term ROI.

++ Proactive partnership: While you are taking care of business, we’re also looking for emerging tech trends and innovations that could take your site and business in new directions.

++ Hand-in-hand: Our team is your team. As a Palantir Drupal CDP client, you gain a self-organizing, self-motivated team dedicated to maintaining and improving your live online product. Our job is your tech stack, your application, and supporting your digital business. We’re with you for the long haul.

++ Start your journey: Get on board with Drupal Continuous Delivery Portfolio and experience the difference of a strategic partnership and an expert team dedicated to your journey of sustained success with your Drupal website.

++ Your success is our journey, too. CDP ensures you have the peace of mind and headroom you need for creativity by reducing friction and keeping your Drupal site and tech stack secure and up-to-date. We’re there for you so that you’re ready whenever and wherever opportunity knocks.

What’s in CDP for me?

Fill out this form to say, “Yes, please …” to all of this:

  • A completely in-house and tailored approach and a customized team based on my project’s unique needs.
  • Continued ongoing maintenance, updates, bug fixes, iterative improvements, and feature updates
  • Consultation focused on chances for my business, coupled with technical advice on how to make it happen 
  • Strategic road mapping for future development, features, and improvements
  • Drupal training and coaching 
  • Consistent and dedicated project management, account planning, and regular check-ins
  • A monthly retainer budget with right-sized minimum monthly hours to match my needs

Let’s work together.

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