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Continuous Delivery Portfolio (CDP)

We Keep You Going and Plan for Your Growing’s Continuous Delivery Portfolio (CDP) provides the sustained care of your Drupal website through predictable and ongoing engagement.

CDP evolved from our goal to successfully transition clients from solution delivery to ownership. We crafted it in a way that enables us to maintain the health of your site while also proactively planning its future. Our teams work closely with you to measure success against your stated goals in order to ensure that your online presence continues to provide, engage, and delight members and stakeholders.

Unlike other support offerings, CDP not only provides a base level of site support and maintenance, but also helps our clients to plan for new features and functionality. This is more than just keeping your site up-to-date with security patches - it ensures that your site can continue to grow and evolve alongside the needs of your organization.

What really sets us apart is that we plan your site with you - our teams are tailored to fit your organization’s needs.

We’ve found our best projects come from our best partnerships, where we not only identify your current needs but focus on what the next steps are in order to achieve a successful and maintainable outcome.

We Create Powerful Client Experiences

We bring a completely in-house and tailored approach, crafting a customized team based upon the unique needs of each client and their project.

Providing project streamlining through efficiency and consistency, our approach includes consistent and thorough bi-monthly check-ins. This allows us to collectively discover creative solutions to craft innovative platform improvements.

CDP employs a retainer-based budget model, and we are dedicated to working with you to ensure we right-size your minimum monthly hours.

We Will Get You Where You Need to Be

  • Continued ongoing maintenance, updates, bug fixes, and feature updates through iterative improvements
  • Important consultation and technical architecture advisement 
  • Strategic roadmapping for future development and improvements
  • Identification of new feature development
  • Providing our clients with Drupal training and coaching 
  • Consistent and dedicated project management, account planning, and regular check-ins

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