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D8FTW: The Drupal 8 Tour

Larry Garfield | Jun 18, 2015

Larry "Crell" Garfield is taking it to the streets, speaking about the big changes—particularly on those related to PHP—coming with Drupal 8. Where has he been? Where will he be later this year? This post will give you the full lay of the land related to this important talk.

Building bridges between communities blog post image

Building Bridges Between Communities

Colleen Carroll | Sep 25, 2014

Larry Garfield's recent post talks about the need for Drupal developers and employers to "get off the island" and reach outside the existing Drupal community for opportunities and talent...To put it another way, it’s not just about getting off the island; it’s about building bridges between islands that facilitate the flow of knowledge and collaboration in both directions.

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D8FTW: Your Next Drupal Hire Isn't a Drupal Hire

Larry Garfield | Aug 26, 2014

One challenge the Drupal community has faced for some time is a labor shortage. There are, quite simply, not enough skilled Drupal developers to go around. That's quite a problem when the Drupal market is continuing to grow steadily.

D8FTW! Unit-testing

D8FTW: Unit Testing For Realsies

Larry Garfield | May 28, 2014

Unit testing Drupal 7 is way harder than it should have been, and is often skipped as a result. In Drupal 8, we have much better options making testing practical, easy, and effective courtesy of PHPUnit. Let's see how easy it is.

D8FTW: Hacking Core Without Killing Kittens

Larry Garfield | Feb 27, 2014

"Every time you hack core, god kills a kitten," goes the saying. Except in Drupal 8, where you can modify core without harming anyone. Larry Garfield shows us how. (No kittens were harmed in the making of this blog post.)

D8FTW: Breadcrumbs That Work

Larry Garfield | Jan 31, 2014

Breadcrumbs have long been the bane of every site builder's existence. Larry shows how in Drupal 8, they not only rock but exemplify the benefits of Drupal's new architecture.