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EditTogether: Open Source Collaborative Editing Tool for Drupal

Unlock efficient, secure content collaboration in Drupal with EditTogether. Customize for privacy and streamline your workflows effortlessly.

Introducing EditTogether

EditTogether is a free, multi-user, field-level editing solution built for Drupal. Write, edit, and approve content in any field where you publish it: on your website! Reduce third-party software costs and security risks. EditTogether is fully customizable to fit your data control, privacy, and infrastructure needs.

Edit better, EditTogether

One solution for your entire content workflow

For many content teams, writing, editing, approving, and publishing happen across several pieces of software. Copy-pasting across multiple platforms leads to duplicated work, formatting problems, and makes tracking changes and approvals challenging. EditTogether allows you to write and edit exactly where you publish, reducing the number of tools you rely on, and the potential for errors in your content.

  • Stay in the same application to write, edit, approve, and publish
  • Open-source collaboration framework built specifically for Drupal
  • Edit any field in your Drupal site together, not just the main content body.
  • Integrates with existing Drupal content moderation workflows, Media Library, and Entity Browser

Real-time, simultaneous collaboration for multiple editors

Highly collaborative teams require highly collaborative tools. EditTogether integrates seamlessly into complex workflows and content architectures. It also contains all the editing features you already use—integrated directly into Drupal. 

  • Threaded commenting + comment resolution
  • Suggest, approve, and track changes
  • Auto-save saves your work
  • Configurable collaboration at the field- and content-type-level

End-to-end data integrity

Rich editing tools shouldn’t mean compromising on data sovereignty or security—especially if your team has strict regulatory demands or handles sensitive data. EditTogether is fully configurable to meet your privacy requirements.  

  • CCPA + GDPR compatible
  • Locked-down user access controls by default
  • Compatible with public sector requirements for data-sensitive applications
  • Compatible with the Drupal+SSO option of your choice


Open source collaborative editing, for everyone

Free and open source community software, with no hidden catches.

  • No vendor lock-in
  • No licensing fees
  • No tracking
  • No premium edition
  • No paywalled features

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Are you ready to EditTogether?

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