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Alex Jones

Alex Jones

Senior Engineer

Driven by his passion to learn and to create, Drupal development gives Alex an outlet to explore and execute on both. As senior engineer, he builds migrations and develops third-party integrations, working with clients every step of the way in order to solve complex problems.

Before joining the team, Alex worked as a Drupal developer at the University of Missouri, Columbia.

He is almost always listening to music, and likes to consume as many genres as he can. Fun fact: he is also a jazz saxophone player, so ask him to show off his skills.

Alex in a Nutshell

  • On the weekends, you’ll find him at a museum - he likes to visit the same museum multiple times and is always open to new suggestions
  • He tries new restaurants as often as humanly possible
  • He loves attending concerts - give him the option to attend, and he’ll be there


Everything in moderation, including moderation.
Oscar Wilde

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