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Drupal Rector

Automated Drupal code updates

A colorful, artistic rendering of a whimsical robot made from erector set parts, seated at a desk and typing on a laptop. The robot, featuring metal rods, gears, and bolts, embodies a playful fusion of creativity and technology. Its mechanical arms are engaged with the laptop keyboard, and the screen displays lines of code or a software interface. The background is an abstract, vibrant depiction of a workspace, with soft, blurred outlines of shelves, books, and technological gadgets

Drupal Rector is an open source tool built using Rector which can help automate many common code deprecations between different versions of Drupal starting with version 8. 

The codebase and documentation can be found at:

Palantir won the 2021 Acquia Engage Open Source Giants Award for its work on Drupal Rector.

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