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Seamless Web Modernization and Custom Drupal Solutions

Modern web solutions with Palantir—from discovery to delivery and beyond. Experience seamless integration, top-tier accessibility, and innovative Drupal platforms tailored to optimize your digital strategy.

Solution Delivery

Web modernization can be daunting. So can building a new platform. Palantir is with you to lighten the load. From discovery to implementation, our dedicated experts collaborate seamlessly with your in-house resources, avoiding vendor lock-in. The result is a new, transformed digital platform guaranteed to improve user experience.

Modern web solutions from discovery to delivery

Taking Drupal beyond off-the-shelf solutions

Do you need a whole new platform, but lack the resources to build it from scratch? Palantir has years of experience in developing novel solutions—from video conference platforms to metadata aggregation tools and CI/CD systems.

As world experts on Drupal who have contributed key modules like Rector and Workbench, we’re not just able to build in Drupal—we can innovate with it!

Web modernization to the highest standards

Palantir offers more than a visual facelift with our web modernization services. We ensure your updated site meets the highest standards in accessibility, security, and mobile-readiness, so you can improve your user experience and meet compliance requirements.

A stable, fully integrated team

Palantir provides a dedicated Client Success Team (CST) that prioritizes stability, retaining team members in their designated roles for extended periods so you can experience optimal project consistency, enhanced cooperation, and sustained momentum.

We integrate with your in-house resources to  co-develop every aspect of the project, so you can avoid the pitfalls of vendor lock-in and experience true ownership and control of your project.

Digital solutions for specialized sectors

Experience is required when dealing with public sector, healthcare, and higher education clients to ensure compliance with critical regulations, such as Section 508 for accessibility.

Palantir comes with extensive experience in serving these sectors and understands their specialized requirements. We design digital assets from the ground up to be inclusive and accessible—and, naturally, compliant.

We bring a wealth of experience in creating healthcare-centric digital experiences, from “find a doctor” features to comprehensive “digital front door” strategies.

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More benefits when you choose Palantir

Reduce the cost of code ownership

Palantir uses open source tools, meaning there’s a whole community contributing to their maintenance. When we create any custom solutions for you, we can, if you wish, contribute them back to the community—extending the lifespan of your build while diminishing the total cost of ownership.

Flexible project scale

Palantir’s scalable service model is designed to flex with your needs, whether that’s a multi-year, complex engagement or a smaller, feature-specific project. We adapt to provide precisely what our clients require.

Agile adaptability for changing environments

Palantir specializes in agile methodologies. We embrace flexibility and iterative development to keep your project on course, come what may.

Not just built, but nurtured

With Palantir’s Drupal Continuous Delivery Portfolio (CDP), you get more than just maintenance. Our integrated, cross-functional teams are committed to dynamically aligning your website with your organization’s evolving strategic goals. From proactive tech consulting to agile site-wide redesigns, we ensure that your digital platform not only remains in peak health but also adapts and grows in tandem with your organizational needs.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with extending your site’s lifecycle, improving ROI, and preparing for what’s next.

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