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Enhance User Engagement with Expert UX Solutions by Palantir

Optimize your users’ journey with Palantir’s comprehensive UX design and strategy services. From deep user understanding to robust information architecture, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch today!

User Experience Design and Strategy

Effective UX design is about deep user understanding and robust information architecture. Our comprehensive services span user research, information architecture, content strategy, and careful accessibility design to suit specialized sectors like healthcare, higher education, and the public sector. What’s more, our seamless “no-handoff” approach ensures a seamless transition from design to development.

Optimize your users’ journey, from start to finish

Turning user insights into UX success

We don’t believe in guesswork when it comes to UX design. Our extensive research into user behavior provides actionable insights, clarifies your site’s purpose, and helps align internal stakeholders. Informed design choices help us to optimize user experience and ensure your platform hits the mark.

Go from mockup to market seamlessly

From day one, we integrate ourselves into your team, working shoulder-to-shoulder to ensure a seamless flow of communication and feedback. Our designers are fluent in code and create live browser-based mockups that transition seamlessly into the development phase. This eliminates the need for traditional handoffs, reducing friction and the potential for misinterpretation.

Information architecture and plain language expertise

Information isn’t just data—it’s an asset that needs to be managed and arranged thoughtfully. Palantir brings deep expertise in information architecture. We audit existing structures, work closely with you to understand user needs, and then develop a logical, intuitive architecture.

By employing a content strategy centered around plain language, we ensure that complex ideas are easily digestible, and the right content finds the right user exactly when they need it.

Digital solutions for specialized sectors

Experience is required when dealing with healthcare, higher education, and public sector  clients to ensure compliance with critical regulations, such as Section 508 for accessibility.

Palantir comes with extensive experience in serving these sectors and understands their specialized requirements. We design digital assets from the ground up to be inclusive and accessible—and, naturally, compliant.

We bring a wealth of experience in creating healthcare-centric digital experiences, from “find a doctor” features to comprehensive “digital front door” strategies.

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More benefits when you choose Palantir

15 years’ expertise in modular design systems

Our modular design systems ensure a cohesive and consistent user experience across platforms, heightening user satisfaction and engagement.

Implement as you wish

We prioritize your choice of CMS to make your development process smooth and comfortable. While we specialize in Drupal, our designs are CMS-agnostic, offering you the flexibility to implement them in a system your team already knows well.

We’re ready to deliver on our designs

Building a new website can be a huge endeavor. Palantir’s Solution Delivery services can fully implement your new site, be it an overhaul or a build from the ground up. Our team integrates with your in-house staff, ensuring that you retain full ownership of the final product.

Let’s work together.

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