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Carl Martens

Senior Web Designer and UX Architect

Carl Martens has been in the web industry for over 9 years helping to design and develop sites of all sizes. At Palantir, he works with the design team in creating conceptual ideas, style guides and prototypes which result in beautifully crafted user driven websites. An avid learner, Carl loves to explore not just what the web is today but where it will be in the future. He has a BFA in Multimedia Design from the University of Wisconsin Stout.

Things to Know

Carl likes to start his day early and the first thing he does is brew up a cup of coffee. Just like they do in those 90’s Folgers commercials. The best way for him to unwind is to noodle on the guitar, which sometimes lasts hours. The perfect slice of pizza has to be super thin, lots of sauce with pepperoni, sausage and green pepper.

Work? It’s just serious play.
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