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Tiffany Farriss

  • Strategic Consulting ++++++++
  • Karaoke +++++++++
  • Program Management ++++++++

Tiffany is the CEO and co-owner of Along with George DeMet, she provides the vision and values for Palantir. She has over 20 years of internet consulting and development experience and extensive experience providing information architecture and usability consulting for a wide variety of clients. Tiffany has a BA in Mathematics from Northwestern University, where she focused on mathematical modeling and human-computer interaction, and was a member of the Drupal Association Board from 2009 - 2017.

Things to Know

The most famous people Tiffany has ever met were Barack and Michelle Obama. If she were to be placed in a Harry Potter house, it would be a close call between Slytherin and Griffindor, but Griffindor takes it as she is (self-proclaimed) slightly more bold/brave than she is ambitious. Her karaoke go-to is Uptown Girl.

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