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Lily Berman

Lily Berman

Senior UX and Content Strategist

As Senior UX and Content Strategist, Lily helps create web experiences that meaningfully work for the people who use them and the organizations that need them.

She's driven by the power of authentic connection to approach her work with both rigor and warmth, and she truly values being part of achieving a great outcome and helping all involved enjoy the journey.

Lily brings five years of nonprofit marketing and fundraising experience to, along with six years of Drupal consulting. She's spoken at conferences on topics ranging from storytelling to translating Drupal jargon into English. 

She received her Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University and a Certificate in Storytelling and Content Strategy from the University of Washington.

Lily in a Nutshell

  • On weekends, you'll find her hiking year round (except for mud season) in the Rocky Mountains and bike riding around town or playing in the park with her partner, Bryce, and her adorable puppy Flip 
  • If she could travel anywhere in the world, she would tell you she is always interested in continuing to visit new places - of which there are many!
  • She loves to tell (and hear) stories with The Moth - around a fire (or anywhere, really!)
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