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Steven Rodriguez

Steven Rodriguez

Product Manager

As a self-proclaimed “tech nerd” in product management, Steven uses excellent analytical and communication skills to empower team growth through coaching and iterative value delivery. Throughout his career, he has served in various roles with proven success in leading high performing agile teams through new feature discovery, finding product market fit, and fostering cross-team collaboration.

He takes great pride in his professional specialties, which include agile leadership and coaching; product strategy; problem solving; organizational development; maximizing team efficiency; customer and stakeholder communications; and software engineering.

Prior to joining, Steven worked at Scrum Alliance where he was a Software Engineer, Scrum Master, and Technical Program Manager.

Steven in a Nutshell

  • During the winter he loves to ski
  • If you need to find him during the summer, you’ll most likely find him hiking
  • On the weekends, you’ll find him reading, playing video games, or engaging in a spirited volleyball match.
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