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Bill Sprowl

Bill Sprowl

Senior Engineer and Technical Architect

Bill brings versatility with his graphic design and web development background to deliver user-centric business and technical solutions. Often acting as an interpreter between designers and engineers, Bill is experienced in making sure that the intended visual communication is brought effectively into the final coded execution. Bill has a BFA in graphic design from the University of Michigan School of Art and Design.

Things to Know

When in the car, Bill has been listening to KEXP radio. He’s new to the Seattle area and happy to have found a radio station that he really likes. The web excites him because it is forever changing and forever presenting new challenges and opportunities. He plays guitar and bass with enough proficiency to have played in a number of bands. He also attempts vocals, harmonica, and drums on occasion. “I. Want. To. Play. More.” His morning ritual can be summed up as CoffeeCoffeeCoffee.

Let’s make somethin’ happen, let’s make somethin’ happen.
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