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Byron Duvall

Byron Duvall

Senior Engineer and Technical Architect

As a Senior Engineer at Palantir, Byron builds websites and applications with an emphasis on reliability, and he enjoys helping solve complex problems. Byron has a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from Anderson University.

Things to Know

If a movie were ever made about Byron's life, he likes to think the part would be played by Matt Damon, but Jim Gaffigan would most likely get the role. Byron's most embarrassing moment was the time he ordered Rare Ahi Tuna Tacos and thought, “Those must be hard to come by, so I should try them.” Byron simply cannot resist any opportunity to make a corny joke or bad pun. He would most like to have dinner with his wife, alone and with no distractions, because that time is hard to come by these days. No matter how stressful the day has been, Byron can always be cheered up by his daughter's laugh.

Let me explain... No. There is too much. Let me sum up.
Inigo Montoya

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