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Cori Neslund

Cori Neslund

Program Manager

Cori views her Senior Project Manager role as one of servant leadership. She acts as the agile "guide on the side" to support team efforts in providing continuously excellent service while also keeping an observant eye out for any potential challenges - both internal and external - that she can proactively identify and mitigate.

Prior to joining, Cori worked for Deloitte within their Internal Tax department where she provided technical expertise and management of tax consulting work for multinational corporations. Open-minded, extroverted, and creative, she attributes her past and current colleagues with having the most influence on her career as they're in the best position to provide feedback on what she is doing well and what her areas of improvement are.

She believes the key to professional success is caring about the people you work with - in fact, interacting and collaborating with Palantiri is what she loves most about her position. 

Cori received her BA in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University and her master's in Taxation from Golden Gate University.

Cori in a Nutshell

  • She biked 2,200 miles across the United States - from Missouri to Oregon - in 46 days
  • Her grandmother is the person she admires the most; after breaking her neck at 92 years-old, she put in the dedication and work needed to fully recover - which she did!
  • She is passionate about intersectional feminism, the de-stigmatization of MSG, and tax law reform 
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