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Jill Farley

Jill Farley

Senior UX Architect

As Senior UX Architect, Jill is a strategist by trade. She helps to identify and define solutions, represents the end user, and organizes complex information. She is also an Agile coach, facilitating working through blockers while also keeping the big picture in mind.

Before joining, Jill worked at Elevated Third as a Senior Strategist and has previously served as Director of Digital Initiatives at the cultural non-profit Chicago Architecture Center.

On weekends, you can find her hiking, baking, and listening to podcasts – but she’ll tell you her favorite pastime is hanging out with her husband, her two “crazy kiddos,” and her old (but precious!) pup.

Jill in a Nutshell

  • She loves people
  • Nature is her energy source
  • She’s the ultimate optimist


Never let the perfect get in the way of the good.
Voltaire (and Jill)

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